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Muay Thai Pads

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Beginner-friendly: the dimension of the striking area of the pad is 13” x 7.5” x 3”,  making it a suitable choice for beginners to cover their arms securely. It makes the entire boxing experience safe for the novices. 

Lightweight and durable: made of high-quality synthetic leather and thick sponge filling, the focus mitt can easily endure strong kicks and punches while weighing almost nothing. You can carry them easily as they are extremely lightweight and portable. 

Suitable for everyone: the boxing pad comes with an adjustable armband, making it suitable for all ages and sizes. Adults, as well as children, can easily use them. 

Absorbs impact: the curved design of the Thai pads increases their shock absorption and dispersal, ensuring maximum protection against the toughest assaults. 

User-friendly and comfortable: two adjustable handlebars and one suitcase handlebar hold the arms firmly and prevent slippages.