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Ab Straps

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A desire for Herculean core with chiseled, well-sculpted abs runs through the veins of every gym lover, whether bodybuilders, cross-fitters, or athletes. But achieving your dream body with crunches, sit-ups, and traditional ab exercises can be strenuous and take forever to show the results. Ab straps are the perfect addition to your gym equipment collection if you want to isolate your abdominal and oblique muscles and want to get better definition and strength during every workout. Say hello to your sexy abs and insane core strength now!  

Stabilise your body during every workout; never let the balance get disturbed!  

Lightweight, portable, and easy to store, take it everywhere you go.  

Use it at your gym or hang it at your home; the choice is all yours.  

Have minimum pressure on the back while hanging and save yourself from spine injuries.  

Build a more robust core than ever.